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Davido being investigated over drug trafficking video

Nigerian musician David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is being investigated by the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency over a music video that depicts a drug trafficking cartel.

The video, titled ‘Fans Mi’, was released early last month and features American rapper and Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill.

It is being investigated for promoting the economic benefits of drug trafficking. The anti-drugs agency has formed a panel that will probe the content of the video.

The director of public affairs of the NDLEA, Mr Mitchell Ofoyeju, told the ‘Sunday Punch’ newspaper that the panel may at some stage consider summoning the hip-hop artiste for questioning.


“When our attention was drawn to it (the Fans Mi music video), we viewed it and we discovered that it was improper. There is no moral lesson in it and he was just advertising drug trafficking.

“In the video, he exchanged a briefcase supposedly containing narcotics for dollars. He was displaying affluence in the video.

“If it (the plot) had climaxed in an arrest and possible detention, we would have congratulated him for partnering with us. But the way he portrayed drug trafficking in the video was a means to an end, which the end is a life of affluence which we disagree with,” said Mr Ofoyeju.

The musician faces the prospect of being imprisoned for 25 years or being fined 2 million Naira according to the Nigerian law.

Mr Ofoyeju added that the agency will conduct a full-scale investigation into the making of the video and to confirm whether it was censored before its release.


“We believe that there should be a body that is supposed to censor videos before they go out. Those are the things we want to investigate and verify. Was the video submitted for approval? If it was submitted, why was it approved with such content?” he said.

In the music video, Davido seals a deal with a businessman who gives him millions of dollars in exchange of a briefcase containing what looks like narcotics.

Davido then goes to his mansion for a semovita, a popular Nigerian meal made using flour .

The businessman samples a sachet of the narcotics sold to him by Davido, only to realize it was the semovita flour.

The video ends with Davido smiling while eating his semovita meal, as the businessman gets irked at the discovery that he got played.