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Bahati sees through Willy Paul’s ‘tricks’, ignores apology

Tension between top gospel musicians Bahati and Willy Paul seems to be far from over.

Three days after Willy Paul wrote a long apology to Bahati, and an appeal to do a collabo together, the latter has remained mum on the matter.

Bahati’s studious silence is now making Willy Paul look desperate.

The ‘Barua‘ hit maker had earlier this year accused Willy Paul of stealing his music, something that Willy neither denied nor confessed to have done.

Sources close to Bahati say that by posting the apology online, Willy Paul is pulling a publicity stunt to to promote his upcoming new song.

“Willy has a new song coming up, and he wants to use this to make his song big… Bahati is busy working on new music and has no time to compete with Willy,” said our source, who requested anonymity.

“Furthermore, Bahati said a long time ago that he has forgiven Willy. What is Willy guilty of? Why does he want to bring back the issue when has Bahati moved on already?” posed the source.

Bahati is said to be busy organising his next media tour to Tanzania and South Africa as had been reported earlier after a successful tour in the United States and Uganda.