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Alikiba addresses claims of breaking up with Kenyan wife

Bongo flava star Ali Kiba has broken his silence over reports that he has broken up with his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef after almost two years of marriage.

The rumours started doing rounds few weeks after the couple welcomed their first child -Alikiba’s fourth baby- last September.

It was alleged that Amina was fed up with the singer’s disrespectful ways towards her which at some point forced her to seek counselling.

It is at this point, the reports further day, that the Mombasa-born woman beauty decided to ask for divorce from the singer who is known to keep his life a secret.

Even as Alikiba chose silence over the reports, his wife Amina was quick to dismiss the rumours last month saying their union was just fine and their love has never withered even one bit.


However, about a day ago during a radio interview to promote his new song ‘Bembea’ featuring Dogo Aslay, Alikiba broke his silence on the matter setting the record straight that his marriage is intact.

“Ali hivi kwanza tuliskia stori ati oooh watu wa Mombasa eti wamerudi nyumbani, whats going on uko na family kama kawaida?” the XXL show presenter probed.

“Familia ipo kama kawaida, mtoto anaendelea vizuri namshukuru Mungu wanaoyasambaza maneno hayo ni vyema kama wangekaa bize na maisha yao” Alikiba responded.

Alikiba and Amina married in April 2018 in two lavish ceremonies one in Mombasa and the other in Dar es Salaam.

The wedding was rumoured to have cost Sh50 milion with Mombasa Governor a close ally of Alikiba being the main financier.