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Chamas made him an inventor

Martin Njuguna, the ‘Chamasoft’ developer, admits that his experience while running an investment group led him to start the software business.

The University of Nairobi Computer Science graduate started his venture after developing an application to cater for chamas.

He later discovered that other chamas were experiencing the same challenges and this drove him to develop a simplified online system for these groups.

“Instead of chamas worrying about their records, this application offers a solution that enables members concentrate in making investment plans,” says Njuguna.

He had earlier founded the Digital Vision East Africa in 2006 immediately after graduating. The mother company deals in digital solutions. Both companies have 11 employees.

Chamasoft is designed to keep all records of chamas online, starting from the very basics of minutes, thus easing the trouble that comes when referring to records.

Once a chama has signed up with Chamasoft, its members are able to view all their financial records, future meeting dates and past activities of the group.

The software boosts effectiveness and efficiency of chamas since they have an online secretariat.

The members, depending on the arrangement of the group’s activities, receive SMS or e-mail alert when payment is due or when there will be a meeting.

They are also able to track the day-to-day activities of their chama in record time enabling them to stay up to date with the group’s activities.