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Chaka Chaka’s photo with Ngugi wa Thiongo has left Twitter puzzled

Just what had South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka said that got Kenyan Ngugi wa Thiongo puzzled?

That is what most Kenyans on Twitter were left guessing after the songstress posted a picture of a dumbfounded Ngugi staring at her, with arms folded on his chest and mouth ajar, during dinner.

In the photo, Yvonne is seen smiling while holding what appears to be a menu, seemingly glad at the effect she was having on the renowned author.

She captioned the photo; “And when u have dinner with one of Africa s greatest writer and he looks and u like that. U think mmmm yes yes yes.”

The expression on Ngugi’s face is what left social media abuzz.

Kenyans on Twitter gave varied interpretations of the picture.