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CCTV cameras reveal how Mombasa witchcraft stunt was staged – VIDEO

A CCTV footage has emerged showing how the witchcraft drama was stage managed in Bamburi, Mombasa.

The video clip, obtained by the Nation, shows one of the two alleged witch doctors arriving at the scene at around 6.30am with an unidentified man on a boda boda.

The unidentified man then pays the boda boda operator, who disappears from the scene.

The witch doctor, who was in a cowboy hat and a yellow t-shirt and was holding a black bag (believed to be carrying the snake), walks towards the alleged stolen car which arrived almost the same time he arrived.

After parking the Nissan Fugo beside the Bamburi-Mtambo road where the whole drama took place, the vehicle’s driver who is in a black t-shirt then walks away leaving the two alleged thieves in the car.


The witch doctor is then joined by the second purported sorcerer (Dr Tiachi) who are then seen walking past the car and disappear into an alley.

Minutes later, the two men (thieves), who have been identified as Patrick Omondi and Musa Ongomu, then come out of the car and start acting like a spell has been cast on them.

The two, who were both in their pants, then start doing what they did best as one is seen walking towards a pool of muddy water before he is joined by his partner.

One of them then walks back to the car and removes a snake from the black bag that was placed in the car by one of the witch doctors.


They then start undressing before residents start milling around them and taking videos of the drama which they only see on cinemas.

The revelation comes even as police said that the driver who parked the car before leaving the scene was among those being pursued as investigation continues.

“We saw what they did to deceive Kenyans. We will not allow this. We are going to arrest all those who planned that,” said Kisauni police boss Christopher Rotich.

On Wednesday, police arrested the four suspects for stage managing the incident were taken to court.

A fifth suspect, the woman Ms Elizabeth Sarah was also arraigned in a Shanzu Law Court where she pleaded guilty to giving false information to police.