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REVEALED: Cause of baby’s death at Shalom Community Hospital

The death of a seven-month-old baby at Shalom Community Hospital in Machakos county on Sunday was as a result of medical poisoning, an autopsy report has revealed.

The autopsy report on Baby Ethan Muendo by Government pathologists Dr Waithera Njenga and Kenyatta National Hospital pathologist Dr Daniel Zuria cited evidence of reduced oxygen circulation in the baby.

The report, which was released on Tuesday, also noted that the baby’s brain appeared swollen but the rest of his organs were unaffected.


“The primary finding is that there was respiratory depression due to swelling of the brain as a result of the intoxication,” reads part of the report.

The autopsy was conducted in Montezuma Funeral Home, Machakos.

Samples of the baby’s brain, liver and body fluids were also taken by the Government Chemist for toxicology analysis so as to establish which chemicals were used and in what ratios.


The baby’s father, Mr Jonathan Musau, is a KBC TV correspondent in Machakos.

The bereaved father had earlier on told the media that his son died after receiving a jab from a nurse at the facility.

The infant had been taken to the facility after being scalded by a water dispenser at their home on Saturday night.

Two nurses – male and female – have been arrested by the police in connection to the tragic incident.