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Buy Eco Safi and change a former street child’s life

April 12th was the International Day for Street Children, recognising the hundreds of thousands of children worldwide who live in uncertain and insecure conditions.

There is no accurate figure for street children in Nairobi. In 2007 a figure of 60,000 was knocking about, but with an increasing urban population and cost of living, this will be much higher now.

In March, the county Assembly passed a motion to compel the County Government to address the issue of street children and families within the city centre, describing them as an “economic problem and social nightmare”.

What I’d like to know is how the government plans to create a sustainable solution and what future can it provide for them?

Fortunately there are people already making huge changes in the lives of former street children. Wiclif Otieno, a former street child, made it his mission to assist others in becoming economically independent through his organisation – Eco Safi.

Created in 2010, Eco Safi trains former street children who have gone through rehabilitation and have been recommended by the rehab institution.

They learn life skills, sales and basic ICT skills, which they use to make and sell Eco Safi products. These products include environmentally-friendly custom-made paper bags, bracelets and tyre sandals.

Wiclif is determined not to be viewed as a charity. He is trying to create a business model that will  not rely on donors.

At the moment Wiclif is trying to save up for computers for ICT training and is looking for access to markets which will enable Eco Safi to sell their products.

An order of just 200 bags will be enough to support a former street child and give them the opportunity to make a good life for themselves.

For more information visit or contact Wiclif directly: [email protected]