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Buy a cheaper car if you can’t keep a Rover

Dear Neto,

I am a Range Rover enthusiast particularly of the HSE (commonly called the House in Kenya).

I am made to understand that many of these vehicles are on third party insurance and some owners can’t afford specialised service for the dealers leave alone good garages.

What is your advice to many enthusiasts like me who would end up buying such an expensive vehicle and not afford to maintain it?



Dear Evandross,

I have come across only two such cases in my entire interaction with Range Rover owners but in both cases, there were genuine financial problems. However, I agree that there are people who buy vehicles they cannot maintain.

It makes no difference with someone who clings to an old junkie and visits the garage four times a week. They all end up cash-tight at some point.

As a Range Rover enthusiast who doesn’t own one yet, I would urge you to look at your finances first and the long time running and maintenance costs before you decide to buy any expensive vehicle.

If anyone would end up in a situation where he or she can’t maintain a vehicle, then the best thing is to dispose of it and get something you can afford.

I would recommend brand new Japanese SUV models for anyone who wants to spend Sh7 million on an Ex-UK Range Rover that might start visiting the garage as soon as it is offloaded at the port.

You will still enjoy some ride height and comfort close to, though not in the superior range of the Rover. Simply put; live within your means.

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