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British woman suspected to have been pushed off balcony by Kenyan musician detained in hospital

A British woman who fell off a balcony after a row with her fiancé has been detained at the Nairobi Women Hospital after failing to raise more than Sh3million to secure her discharge.

Tinu Amy Collins,25, from Manchester was being treated for a fractured left thigh and right ankle, dislocated pelvis and other injuries occasioned by what she insists was an accident not as a result off being pushed off by her boyfriend.

She was officially cleared to leave the hospital’s Adams branch in July but could not raise some close to Sh2million the hospital billed her. Since then the bill has accumulated by half.

Initial accounts and stories that have been published in the media locally and internationally reported that Ms Collins had been pushed off the balcony of their fifth floor Hurlingham – Nairobi home by her then fiancé Bradley Ombomi a rapper popularly known as Trap King Chrome.

He was arrested by Kenyan police but released without charge because there was no complaint in the case.


When Daily Nation visited Ms Collins at the hospital on Friday she said she had slipped and fallen.

“We had just had an exchange and he’d beat me up and pushed me and smashed me onto the floor. I was distressed and moved to the balcony to catch some air, I sat on the balcony and that is when I slipped and fell,” said Ms Collins of the June 13 night incident. She says she had been drinking but was not intoxicated.

“I had tried to pull myself up but couldn’t,” she said, “I fell and landed on my feet and fell on my right side. Apparently, Ombomi and some neighbours rushed down to see how I was and called an ambulance.”

When she got to the hospital she was unconscious and was admitted in the ICU with a coma. She remained in the ICU for close to a month.

But she adds that theirs has been a violent relationship throughout. “The day after my arrival from Britain he struck me on the face and gave me black eye. And he constantly beat me up several times after this which drunk,” she says.

She met the London-based rapper who had been living in England with his family about 12 year ago and they dated for about a year before going their separate ways, and it was not until about a year ago that they reconnected when the musician requested her to be friends through Facebook.

Thereafter she came to visit him for two weeks in February, a period during which their love blossomed again and he proposed to her. She returned to live with him on April 29.


Police identify city musician suspected of pushing British girlfriend off apartment – PHOTOS

Now Ms Collins who says she has no medical cover is calling upon the Kenyan public to come to her aid in clearing the bill which accumulates by about Sh7,000 every day.

“The hospital has said it will not come to any agreement with me until I have paid up a substantial amount of money — at least two thirds — and I’m unemployed as of now,” said the woman who was a cleaner and bartender back home.

She claims that initially her ex-fiancé — they have since broken up — had promised to fundraise and clear the bill.

“But now he doesn’t even come to see me in hospital and he seems to have abandoned me,” she says.

She says the British High Commission in Nairobi has also not been of any help either.

“The hospital was willing to come to an agreement with me if the British High Commission agreed to stand as guarantor that I would pay back the money once I was back at work back home. But the commission has said it is not their responsibility.”

“My family is not able to raise the money. My mother, a single mum, depends on state welfare,” she added.

Friends and family have started a Gofund account to ‘bring Tinu back home’ but it has not amounted to much, having only raised some £106. She has even started an Mpesa Paybill number (504302) that has only raised less than Sh6,000.