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British man frustrated after Kenyan beauty he met online is denied visa

A British national is in distress after his Kenyan girlfriend was denied visa for the second time.

According to Brits in Kenya website, Chris Philps, a former West Sussex firefighter who currently works at Sky TV, cannot host his girlfriend Chepkemoi Tallam because the British government is not sure she will return to Kenya.

The two met on social media in October 2009 and became very close via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Their friendship got deeper after Chris was diagnosed with pneumonia and a heart condition, which made him gain weight. He says that it’s through her encouragement and relentless support that he’s still alive.

He  says he has been able to lose weight and has almost fully recovered thanks to Chepkemoi’s help.

The couple had discussed her visiting the UK for a holiday for many years, but at that time Chris was in no fit state to travel, had been off work for over 2 years and spent much of that time in a wheelchair as his mobility was extremely poor.

His health improved in 2017 and he began making plans to have his girlfriend visit him in the UK.


According to Brits in Kenya, despite Chris having applied for and received his own travel visa to Kenya, British authorities claimed there was insufficient proof that Chepkemoi would return.

Even though Chris had pledged to finance the entire trip, she was also told there were insufficient funds in her account.

“I am saddened by the British government’s arrogant approach to this matter. Kenya gained its Independence over 50 years ago and I honestly believe it is about time that we stopped treating proud Kenyan people like second class citizens,” he told the website.

In a letter to the British High Commission in Nairobi, Chris promised Chepkemoi would not overstay in the UK since she is employed and needed to resume work.

Ten days after she applied for a visa, she received an email informing her that a decision had been made. She traveled to Nairobi from Nakuru but to her shock, she was told her request had been denied.

“It was quite worrying for me and it also appeared to question my right to be in the UK, which as a proud British citizen who has served his country with pride it quite frankly disgusted me,” added Chris.

He is hoping that he will succeed in getting a visa for his girlfriend. He and has written to his local MP asking for support.