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How is this bridge worth Sh1.2 billion? KOT ask

Kenyans on Twitter are asking questions on the cost of the Sigiri Bridge in Budalangi constituency that collapsed today, a fortnight after President Uhuru Kenyatta inspected it.

Besides the obvious poor workmanship that exposed the president and his entourage to danger, KOT are dismayed by the Sh1.2 billion price tag.

Many have camped on Twitter asking the government to account for the cost.

The online community had divided opinions after the bridge, collapsed under its own weight on Monday morning.

The Sh 1.2 billion government-funded bridge is being constructed by Chinese Overseas Construction and Engineering Company.

The cause of the collapse is yet to be known, though it is suspected the construction works was hurriedly done ahead of President’s visit.

However, Kenyans on Twitter were quick to air their views on the matter as some saw the incident as sabotage, while others were quick to point a finger at the government for a job not well executed.