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Boy, 9, hospitalised after attack by dogs

A nine-year-old boy is in a critical state after an attack by two dogs in Ongata Rongai.

The boy was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital with serious injuries in the stomach caused by the dogs that mauled him as he arrived home last Wednesday evening.


The boy’s mother, Ms Rose Sakwe, said her son was living with his grandmother when he was attacked.

“He visited his grandmother for the holiday and he had been sent to the shops when he was attacked,” she said.

The mother said the dogs was from a neighbour’s compound on Nkoroi Road.

Residents had raised the red flag on incidents of stray dogs which ambushed them at night, saying they had been a threat to children.

Being attack

They now fear their children, who are on holiday from school, might be attacked by the dogs.

“Our children should be out playing, but we have decided to lock them in our compound because of fear of dog attacks,” said a resident.

Last year, Rongai health officers poisoned more than 800 stray dogs in the town. The officers killed the dogs after a child was mauled in Olekasasi area.