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Raila Junior, Boniface Mwangi fight online over child’s toy

An online war of words has erupted between Human Rights activist Boniface Mwangi and Raila Junior over a toy, whose access the latter’s child was denied at city restaurant.

It all started on Sunday when the last born son of Nasa leader Raila Odinga lamented on Twitter how Talisman restaurant discriminated his child, claiming the establishment has a ‘racist’ playground where toys are only available to white children.

“So that place of yours Talisman Karen has a racists playground some toys are only available for white children, worst choice for Brunch ever,” Raila Junior wrote in a tweet tagged to city lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

The post received numerous reactions from Kenyans on Twitter, including Boniface Mwangi who accused Raila Junior of malicious claims against the restaurant.

According to Mwangi a 3-year-old child came with his own toy car which he shared with Raila Junior’s child. The kid later wanted his toy back and that is when the nanny went to collect it causing Raila Junior to react.

However, the younger Raila quickly responded saying: “Unfortunately you are incorrect with your version. Everything belonged to Talisman and the Talisman manager. We asked to speak to the manager but were denied we have not been called by Talisman Management to give our account to date.”

This prompted Mwangi to provide evidence on how he came to his conclusion after he called the restaurant management to get the full version of the story.

“I saw your tweet and called the management because as their client l was concerned. They gave me their version and sent pictures. You want the management to call you because a child took back a toy from your child? Here is a picture of that toy car your child wanted. Buy her one,” tweeted Mwangi.


“Are you acting for Talisman? If you really are impartial on this matter, you should have contacted me to get my version of the story. Note, the key issue in my tweet was racism not whether I can be able to buy a toy for my kid or not,” responded Raila Junior.

“Talisman staff were shocked by your behavior. Talisman management have CCTV of you arguing to take somebody’s child toy to give to your child. Teach your child they can’t have everything when they want it. You missed a parenting moment right there and displayed entitlement,” retorted Mwangi.

To which Raila Junior responded:

“Could we kindly see this video in its entirety because now on top of the racial profiling of my child you’re claiming I attempted theft of a toy?”