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Boniface Mwangi appeals for help after he is robbed – VIDEO

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has appealed to Kenyans to help him identify a woman who he claims stole a bag with prized items at his Pawa 254 offices.

Mr Mwangi made the claim on Twitter where he shared a short clip from a surveillance camera, asking for help in identifying the suspected thief.

The bag, he said, contained a 5d Mark 3 camera and two lenses.

A voice over of one of the people reviewing the footage expresses shock, pointing that the woman was looking for her next target.

Mr Mwangi is locked in a defamation legal battle with Deputy President William Ruto over he claims on Twitter on the murder of whistleblower Jacob Juma.

Last month, on Mashujaa Day, Mugambi Laibuta, who is part of Mr Mwangi’s defence team, lost a laptop in a robbery incident.

“We had asked Mr Laibuta, a consultant for Boniface Mwangi’s legal team, to work on something related to the suit. He had been using his laptop on Mashujaa Day. But on the same night, Mugambi’s house was broken into and the people involved took off with his laptop. Nothing else was taken from the house,” Gitobu Imanyara, Mr Mwangi’s lawyer told Sunday Nation.