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Boinnet to sue Mudavadi over vote rigging claims

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has dismissed vote rigging claims by the opposition and threatened to sue Nasa co-principal Musalia Mudavadi.

In a statement signed by police spokesman George Kinoti, Mudavadi will be required to retract the statement he issued and apologize.

Mudavadi on Monday accused the government of planning to rig the elections by reverting to manual voting.

“We have information that the Jubilee administration plans to switch off Electronic Voter Identification Devices (EVID) in all their strongholds at 12 noon tomorrow. This will then give way to pure manual voting and stuffing of the ballot in the excuse that systems have failed. This information was relayed by none other than the Inspector General of Police to a relative,” said Mudavadi during a press conference in Nairobi.


In his statement, Kinoti dismissed the claims terming them as defamatory to Joseph Boinnet.

“The allegations are not only wholly untrue but made in bad faith with the aim of defaming him. It is unfortunate that Hon Mudavadi chose to make such dishonorable allegations clearly aimed at besmirching his reputation and character,” stated Kinoti.

He added that the statement was aimed at disparaging the National Police Service.

“We therefore demand that Hon Mudavadi unconditionally retracts his false and defamatory statements and issues a public apology and declaration that the allegations referred to are false and defamatory. This apology should be published in each of the media outlets which covered them. This is necessary to undo the damage those malicious statements have caused, failure to which the IG will have the right to seek legal regress,” stated Kinoti.