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Blogger Obare considers quitting

Blogger Edgar Obare concedes he is considering taking a break from his celebrity exposé show.

He spoke on Friday through a live video chat on Instagram, moments after he was released on bail, saying he is tired of what his life has become in the wake of what he referred to as ‘unlawful’ arrests.

Obare further says the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is being used by powerful people to unfairly target him.

“I have been thinking about taking a break honestly because I am so tired,” he said.

“I remember yesterday talking to some people (and) I was telling them if you guys played fair then I play fair, it really bugs me when they don’t play fair. It’s not the tea that is killing me it’s human beings. And then some of us will vote this one guy as president,” said Edgar Obare.

The arrests he says are now making him start to get the hang of jail given that this is the second time he has been arrested.

“Nakumbuka nilipokuwa nikiingia walikuwa wananiambia itabidi nianza kuzoea jela za Kenya, I am actually getting a hang of it, I feel like it’s a high school dorm room, I am actually getting the hang of jail

The first time was traumatic but with time unazoea, these experiences are just sharpening me, making me stronger,” stated Edgar.

“In case anyone is ever arrested I can give you a starter pack, carry a toothbrush, slippers I do not know why in Kenya they make you remove one shoe and one shoe remains at the counter and you go in with only one shoe. You are in trouble if the floor is wet or someone did something on the floor. And also have a tissue paper,” he went on.

He however stayed away from divulging information on his arrest saying the matter is in court.

“The matter is before a court so I cannot discuss the merits of the case however it is very clear that before all and sundry that the DCI is being used to target me unfairly. All they published in their Twitter account is a bunch of hopeless lies full of malice I however cannot discuss the case. If you are interested to find out the real truth you can come to the court hearings and hear for yourself exactly what happened,” said Edgar.

The controversial blogger was arrested on Thursday evening for allegedly running a criminal network.

According to the DCI, Obare allegedly runs a syndicate that blackmails wealthy Kenyans by tainting their images online and demanding cash to ‘clear’ them.

Last year he was charged for unlawfully publishing private and personal details of a renowned YouTuber.