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#Mollis: Where is that rape sound effect manual?

For those who are not aware, there, apparently, is a rape manual that gives you the proper sound effects that a rape victim should use during the ordeal. I missed the memo.

As I write this I am worked up. I am disgusted. I am mad. I am disappointed. Some may call me the moral police, others too uptight while others a bitter feminist. Mollis happened.

Most of us have heard that audio doing rounds on social media.

I think my sense of humor is below the expected level of laughter that can be caged as a meme. But I saw nothing funny in that audio.

This man Morris is now a glorified ‘gentleman’ who showed this lady what it is to ask for it! She asked for it, eh? That’s what he says in the audio, as she pleads that she has surrendered.

To some, this was a kinky moment, I guess some sort of fetish sound effect. Apparently that’s not how rape victims scream during the ordeal! How did I miss that memo? How should one scream or act while being raped? Is there a course for this?

This lady could have been an innocent girl who went to visit this ninja, or could have been the one being visited. She could have been a commercial sex worker who just got tired from the previous clients hence “surrendering” to this heavy heaving being.

Maybe she is the type who enjoyed getting it while recording everything that happened. Maybe she is even the one who recorded it…this world is strange. Too many maybe’s. So who knows the truth?

What is the truth? It could have been a good ‘lay’ and us bitter feminists had it all wrong and took it out of context.

Still! I found no humor in it. So, what if it was NOT rape? What came to light was all the arguments and perforated stinging opinions of people who thought that she had it good and that us feminists should quit looking for avenues to air our biased ideologies in ignorance.

Did you know that if you visit someone of the opposite sex you have it coming for you? Did you know that if you wore something that molded you into a walking sculpture curving your body you are asking for it?

Did you know that if the perception of being a ‘loose’ chic is depicted of you then you deserve what’s going to get you? Did you? Ask some fellows on social media…they will tell you.

The conversations that emerged out of all this showed that we have a long way to go in terms of understanding respect, integrity and equality.

FYI: A feminist is one who believes in gender equality for all. Equal rights for all. Ditch those dictionaries that soothe your egos to define who a feminist is.