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BLOG: Six sure ways to beat those Monday blues

One of the biggest fallacies of our time is that Monday is the worst day of the week. Many have been made to believe so and in some cases have had to adjust their routines to have their off-days fall on this day.

Monday can however be just like any other day if you follow these simple rules and enjoy your week irrespective of the day:

1. Spare some hours on Sunday to plan your Monday

After a fun-filled weekend you might want to arrive home early on Sunday just to meditate on the weekend that was and lay your plans for the new week that is about to start.

Various studies across the world have proven that meditation and planning are key to successful careers and businesses so go ahead and spare some time for that before Monday starts.

2. Have a heavy, sumptuous breakfast

Breakfast works wonders to an otherwise dull morning. If you love berries then incorporate them to your Monday morning breakfast and you will be amazed how fast your moods get better.

The first meal of the day determines the kind of day you will have so invest some time on a well balanced breakfast that will get you through the day.

3. Enjoy a morning glory session

This will differ from one individual to the other. If you are single, your morning glory will involve prayers and a session in the gym.

But married folks then its ultimately a steaming sex session that will boost your morning.

The amount of time spent in the morning glory is insignificant, what matters is the energy you put in it. If it makes your heart race then bingo, you have made your Monday morning.

4. Listen to music

Make a playlist of your favourite music genre and play it in the house as you prepare for the day and while in the car ensure it keeps playing.

Music is therapeutic and will definitely brighten your morning.

5. Chat up or call a friend

If you have your best friend (read spouse) in the house just strike an interesting Monday conversation away from finances and getting things done.

If not just call up that friend and have a warm conversation that may involve sharing your best memories. Having positive thoughts transforms an otherwise dull morning to the best one.

6. Set up a lunch or dinner date

There is nothing as good as looking forward to a date with a loved one all day long. It keeps one going and gives you something to look forward to.

Make a reservation at your favourite restaurant and while at it make sure you envision your favourite meal. This will ensure Monday passes by with no big deal.