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BLOG: What Men think of “thick, curvy mamas”

I was going through my friend’s timeline and he had shared a post on how ‘Science Explains Why Thick Girls Have Better S**.’

At this point I couldn’t help but click read .wow wow wow !!! Here I was speechless.

They say of all the activities one can enjoy in the world, s** is among the top.

It’s better than watching ‘Wild skin’, that famous soap opera on NTV that makes most people go koo koo (I honestly don’t know why ), or going to Mojos that famous local to watch football as you gobble on your favorite liquor (‘Williamson right ?’ or what do you call it ?).

It’s more satisfying than eating that ‘special githeri with avocado (Heeh !! I withdraw that statement, avocado anytime for me, we can discuss the rest after)


I however don’t agree with some of the things posed in that scientific researched theories.

I remember walking past a group of young idle men a while back and my mind was in deep thoughts about the unga prices that were hiked at that time. I did not pay much attention to them until I approached them. I became slightly self-conscious because their loud talks that were felt from a distance became whispers as I got near and eventually they went completely silent.

I could feel the sets of eyes on me. Then one of them said ‘waaah waaah waaah si umebeba’ ! ‘giga giga unatumaliza, si unadondosa mami’ and the rest followed suit.

You could actually think red forth choir were recruiting them for their new album.

Although their sounds were rather nauseating, I have to admit it was more intimidating and annoying at the same time.

I really wanted to rant but I was wise enough to sulk it in because I was going against many mongrels and that would discount all the men who walk in public with their curvy women (or as they possessively call them mamas).


To curvy women, having a body that carries extra weight means that you carry the burden of stigma, mystique and myth that you can’t escape.

Men will draw conclusions about you before you even open your mouth. Men will approach you assuming you are over-sexed, under-sexed and everything in between because the scientists revealed something about your physic related to their ‘satisfaction and pleasure.

“When erogenous zones shake or jiggle it drives them wild, causing their sexual energy to spike while becoming more aroused” – these are some of the things men think when they see some cushions.

Because of that, you often feel robbed of the privilege to just be a girl. Your guard has to stay up longer than it should, as you try to figure out if men are interested in you really or they just want to know if this big girl will do the things big girls are known to do –  take care of her man, cook well, be freaky in the bedroom – and satisfy the curiosity of desirability that comes with experience.


They say sex is as old as human beings. Adam and Eve took the same kind of adventure until they discovered it and since then it has revolved around generations, so it means we can freely talk about it and nobody is agnostic with it because we all are a result of sex.

With that in mind dear men, whether thin, curvy or big appreciate your woman and instead of looking at her that way empower, support and build each other .

Of course, getting skinny would solve the issue of feeling like a sexual object or men constantly making remarks and teasing you which is a hard pill to swallow, but I’m pretty sure that being happy with your own body is more important than worrying what other people think of it.