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Blingmaster Mike Sonko’s govt orders staff to wear suits to work

Nairobi County government has ordered all its employees based at City Hall in Nairobi to wear formal suits between Monday and Thursday.

In a statement, Nairobi county secretary and head of public service Leboo ole Morintat said all City Hall staff are expected to adhere to the dress code that requires all public officers be well groomed and decently dressed.

As a result, from Monday to Thursday men are expected to wear a full or broken suit with a tie, and women a full or broken suit or a dress.

Workers are only allowed to dress down on Fridays with an option of wearing either a suit and a tie or smart casual, which included county branded shirts.


“It has been noted with great concern that most of the county staffs have not been following the dress code during the official working hours, which contravenes the code of conduct as outlined in the public service regulation. The code of conduct outlines general rules of conduct to be observed by a public officer so as to maintain integrity,” said Morintat.

He added: “In compliance with this regulation, the acceptable official dress code for all county officers from Monday to Thursday will be as follows: Men – a full or broken suit with a tie and ladies – full or broken suit or a dress and all to be in moderation. This directive must be complied with otherwise, it shall attract disciplinary action according to laid down regulations.”

Mr Sonko has in recent past undergone a metamorphosis of sorts, trading his rugged jeans and t-shirts for a much more formal look.