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Blind man and his wife arrested for peddling bhang – PHOTOS

A blind man and his wife were Tuesday afternoon arrested by irate villagers who found 700 grams of bhang in their house in Mutonyora village, Kinangop Constituency, Nyandarua.

The residents forced the couple to name their suppliers, customers and how they transact the business.

During the raid, they threatened to lynch the couple and burn their house, accusing them of selling the drug to young boys and using others to traffic the drug.

The residents emptied the suspect’s rental house, frog marched them to Magumu Police Station and  handed them over to police together with their belongings.

“We do not want them back in our village, we are going to kill them if they ever step in the village,” shouted residents who sang war chants.

The woman, Susan Wanjiru revealed that they get their supply from a woman she identified as Njoki.

LEFT: Some of the bhang found in the house. RIGHT: Mukuha Kamau. PHOTO | WAIKWA MAINA

Wanjiru sells the drug from home while her husband hawks it at local markets.

“We get our supplies on Tuesdays; she had just brought the consignment you recovered from our house. Her name is Njoki but I do not know where she comes from. We sell a roll at Sh20 making a daily profit of Sh500. I sell from home while my husband’s peddles at the market,” said Ms Wanjiru.

The man, Mukuha Kamau exonerated his wife, saying that her only involvement is in making the bhang rolls.

“My wife does not buy from the suppliers or sell to retailers. It is my business, not her. I have mastered the trade and I am rarely conned, but I have had a problem since the newly introduced currency (notes) were introduced, I am yet to master them and my customers take advantage to con me,” said Mr Mukuha.

Ms Sofia Wanjiru, a resident, said the couple involved young boys, some as young as six years, in the trade.

“I was informed by my son; they sent him to deliver some rolls to a customer in the market. The drugs are contributing to crime in the area,” said Ms Wanjiru.

Kinangop Sub-County Police Commander Charles Rotich confirmed the incident, adding that the suspects will be arraigned as soon investigations are complete.

“They were found with 700 grams of bhang hidden in various areas in their house,” said Mr Rotich.