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Biker narrates near death encounter with rogue bus driver

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) have revoked a bus driver’s Class A licence after he nearly killed a couple on a motorcycle.

The driver’s would be victim, Joe Thefu, has narrated the startling near death encounter with the driver three weeks ago along Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Mr Thefu how on that morning he was forced off the road by the bus driver as he and his wife were travelling upcountry on their motorcycle.


“Suddenly, an oncoming bus swerved into our lane. He wanted to overtake the line of slow moving traffic, and did not wish to wait until the lane was clear. The car in front swerved to the left, onto the road shoulder to avoid a head on collision. The bus driver was not playing games, he was serious about having his way, and he had his headlights on high beam at us to make this point. We swerved off the road too, with the bus flying past inches to our right. My thumb was crushing my horn button,” wrote Mr Thefu.

Lucky for him his helmet camera was rolling and took every shot of the bus.

“This particular incident really angered me though, because the driver clearly saw the car in front of us, and us on our motorcycle, and undoubtedly, intentionally, gave us two choices: Move or die,” he says.

Mr Thefu forwarded the pictures to NTSA although he thought no one would bother to do a follow up because he is a ‘nobody’.


He was therefore pleasantly surprised when he got a call on Thursday from NTSA telling him that they had tracked down the driver and if he could go to their offices and meet the rogue driver so that he could apologise to them.

According to Thefu, NTSA even availed a car to go pick him up from his home, which he declined and opted to ride there, because he wanted the driver to see them in their riding gear, as they were on that day on the road.

They finally met the murderous driver, who apologized and albeit having already had his Class A license revoked and his license also suspended, until he undergoes retraining, and passes driving tests.

Thefu is indeed lucky to be alive, but thankfully for other road users the offending driver will never drive an omnibus again.