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There is nothing wrong with being a Slay Queen, says Passaris

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris  has said there nothing wrong being a Slay Queen, all the negative public perception notwithstanding.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, Ms Passaris has chided Slay Queen and Slay King haters saying there is nothing wrong about the title.

She goes ahead to demonstrate the Slay Queen way of applying red lipstick saying that it is all about feeling good about oneself.


“There is a lot of talk about Slay Queens, so this is what slaying is all about, it is about loving yourself putting your lipstick, doing a kiss having a photograph, slaying isn’t about prostitution,” she said.

“Our young teenagers our young girls slay. Even I have slayed with my daughter on the photograph so let’s just cut this conversation about slay queens and kings,” she went on.


Passaris went ahead to mention Mombasa Governor Hasan Joho as the perfect picture of a Slay King.

“When you see governor Joho he puts a picture of himself looking very cool and nothing no comment whatsoever, what do you call that? That is slaying. So there is nothing wrong with slaying it’s about being confident of who you are and your space,” she said.

In Kenya Slay Queens have been characterised as urban women with a pretentious taste for the high end life with a tendency to ask for expensive treatments which they say they can afford, when in reality they can’t.