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Beer heiress Anerlisa trolled for donating her ‘Executive Water’ to needy kids

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai was on Monday trolled after uploading a video of her donation to a children’s home.

Anerlisa had partnered with a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) that promotes awareness on autism, together with a group of entertainers such as musician Ben Pol to visit Makadara Children Centre.

The group donated Sh50,000 to the centre, but Anerlisa’s Instagram video that showed her handing out bottles of her drinking water brand ‘ Executive Water’ to the children angered her followers.

Many bashed her for donating expensive drinking water to children who are in need of food and clothes.

Some even recommended that she should have given the children sodas or juices instead of the drinking water.


Anerlisa disabled comments on her post and went on to defend her donation, saying water was healthier than juices and soda.

“The amount of backlash I am receiving in my inbox to do with my visit at Makadara Children’s home. Apparently I should have given more than just water. First of all we took quite alot of food stuff and on top of that we gave money which could help them decide what to buy. They concentrated more on the water because that’s my strength. I was also very shocked to see how much bottles of water were consumed. Water is also more healthier than Soda,Juice or energy drinks. I remember back when Michelle Obama did a campaign of replacing all processed drinks with water.

“I realised alot of people are so good in telling others what to do but will never step foot at any children’s home. You expect one person to do it all which will never be possible. That said here is a list of some of the things that Makadara Children’s home need. Mattresses, books, more food stuff,blankets, boxes, shoes, clothes etc. Stop whining and do something YOURSELF,” she wrote.