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Barmaid who stole alcohol worth Sh269K allowed to pay back in installments

A barmaid who obtained assorted liquors worth Sh269,000 by false pretences and stole Sh45,000 from her employer got a reprieve after a Makadara court allowed her to pay it back in instalments.

Rahab Mbare was accused of obtaining goods by false pretences where she was charged and found guilty of receiving beers worth 269,0000 from businessman Johnson Kimani after lying that payments had been made through cash deposits to his bank.

She had handed over fake deposit slips to a Kimani employee indicating she had deposited cash into his account, falsely pretending the deposits were genuine. She will pay him the total amount in a year.

Making a document without authority

Mbare was also convicted of stealing by servant, two counts making a document without authority, uttering a forged document with intent to deceive Kimani.

She had made deposit slips of Sh98,820, Sh39,760, Sh45,820 and Sh8, 200 on diverse dates between January 2 3 and March 17, 2015, purporting them to be genuine deposit slips issued by a bank in Githurai.

The mother of three later took them to Umoja Senator Enterprises in the area in the same period.

Chief magistrate Heston Nyaga sentenced her to serve an 18-month non-custodial sentence and allowed her to pay the money in instalments.

Her husband John Mawira handed over Sh50,000 to Kimani in court and they signed an agreement in presence of probation and aftercare services department official where Mawira will be depositing Sh50,000 after every three months and take the deposit slip to the probation officer for confirmation.