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SNAPPY 7: Band BeCa – Our dream is to do a show in New York

They might be new in the Kenyan music industry but they look poised for big things, if the reception of their two singles is anything to go by.

Ladies and gentleman, introducing the newest music group in town BeCa…

1. Tell us about your band and who you are? – We are band called BeCa and the name is derived from our names, Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru. We love to sing and if we were not musicians we will still be singing.

2. Why a band and not solo careers? – When we were in the music academy we liked to do sing together and so one of our teachers gave us a lot of projects together and we blended our voices and at the end of the day we became good friends.

3. What was the inspiration behind the song Toka? – The song Toka was co-written by Bensoul, Mordecai “Dex” and us. The song is basically a woman empowerment song and is a wake up call to the ladies that if you are not happy in a relationship there is no need of staying, just leave.

4. What about Brathe? – The song was also written by Bensoul, and Mordecai “Dex”. We told them what we wanted and they came up with the song. It is more about girls just having fun and not being disturbed by men whenever they go out.

5. What are the five things that you would want to do in the future? – Perform at Coke Studio, do a show in New York, live together, do a collabo with Tiwa Savage and Beyonce, and inspire young girls.

6. What do you like most about being in a band? – It is easier because we are a package and if for instance I can’t answer a question then she can. It is also fun because we are girls.

7. What advice would you give to young girls who look up to you? – To fulfill all your dreams and if want to do music give all your best. Put 100 percent to it, go for vocal classes, invest in it and make sure you have a team behind you who can support and guide you. Talent is 10 percent and 90 percent is the hard work. You can be talented but if you are lazy then nothing will work for you.