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Baldness and potbelly are taking a toll on me

Dear Michael,

I just turned 30 and I am balding and developing a potbelly. Help, I feel my body is out of control.


Dear Brian,

Hair loss and a potbelly at the age of 30 can cause concern. However, they seem to be increasingly common.

There are several causes of baldness: genetic, fungal, behavioural, autoimmune problems, treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and nutritional deficiencies.

Whatever the cause in your case, the question is whether it is permanent or not.

What can you do? Confirm the cause of your hair loss, but in the interim, consult your barber for ways of managing or adapting to the reality. It might be time for a new look.

The potbelly, generally speaking, is as a result of consuming more calories than you use, and a genetic predisposition to collect fat around the body’s internal organs.

A consultation with a nutritionist is in order. Together with a doctor, they will identify the cause in your case, and suggest what you need to do to bring your pot belly under control. 

The doctor will also confirm whether your potbelly is as a result of a medical condition. As you make the plans, take note of what you eat and drink, and how active or inactive you are.

Find out what the history of non-communicable diseases might be in your family. In general terms, eat and drink less and exercise.