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Bahati’s girlfriend gets roasted for photo with his daughter

Gospel singer Bahati had over the weekend shared with his fans images of his previously unknown two year-old biological daughter.

The singer introduced his first-born daughter as Mueni Bahati, a child he got from a previous relationship.

Soon after, his girlfriend, Diana Marua, also posted a photo on Instagram with the young girl.

Turns out, Diana had not consulted the baby’s mother Kisha Yvette Obura before posting the photo.

Yvette has since deleted all her social media accounts after the gospel singer posted the photo, but not before clearing the air that the young girl is not an adopted child but a product of her relationship with Bahati.

Her family and friends however went ham on Diana, telling her to keep off her boyfriend’s child.

A friend by the name Mueni commented; “I know I will probably get blocked but as Mueni’s godmom and Yvettes bestfriend this is totally wrong, you guys are going way beyond to hurt @kisha254_256 ,yes she is @bahatikenya daughter and he has the right to post her but you Diana has no right without Yvettes consent, you all went ahead and started posting pictures without her consent, she has protected their baby since she was born but now you guys decide to do this without her knowledge? We who have been there before she was even born know the whole story and the picture you all trying to portray about Yvette won’t work, we won’t let it happen, sorry*[email protected] even you? Of all the people you part of this? Wow. This situation has subjected her to a lot of things including cyber bullying, she is really hurt and going through much pain right now but all we will do is leave it to God.*feel free to delete my comment and block me *but this is the bitter truth.”


macy_obura, who claimed to be Yvette’s sister stated; “Hello there miss @diana_marua you don’t wake up and post a picture of my niece and you didn’t tell my sister nothing…what point are you people trying to prove ???I don’t want to be rude but please don’t be disrespectful…my small Sister has already gone through enough so please don’t add more to what she’s feeling….Put yourself in your shoes not only as a woman but as mother….just try be relevant in your own but not through my niece this has to stop. Thank you.”

mama_princenjihia commented, “Its okay for Bahati to post the picture but not okay for you Diana and the moment.”

Oburapharrell added, “@macy_obura yes sister let’s support our baby sister on this …nobody was there after her CSection to support her through the pain. The so called dad bahati never even allowed Kisha to use her daughters picture as her whatsapp picture and now he allows another woman to post her on instagram without baby sister’s knowledge???This nonsense has to stop….Yvette requested them to co parent they didn’t bother replying her and now they are doing this???No this is a no..We can’t stand this…we can talk stand the rate at which they’re taking advantage…it’s ok for them to love the baby but not okay doing things without the mother knowing.???”

A user lillojhonson claimed, “Instead of insulting Diana you guys should congratulate her coz yeye ndio amefanya Bahati achukue responsibility ya Mueni!!”