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Baby Osinya to undergo surgery in two weeks

The neurosurgical unit at the Kenyatta National Hospital will examine Baby Satrine Osinya for two weeks before commencing with surgery.

The one and a half year old, who was on Tuesday airlifted to the referral hospital in the company of his father Benson Osinya, was said to be responding well to commands with eye and general body movements.

Amref doctors handed over the baby’s health report to the team that received him led by the Heath Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and Lily Koros the hospital CEO.

Dr Gichuru Mwangi, head of neurosurgery at the hospital said they had assessed the baby and declared that he is fit for the procedure.

“The skull has a fracture and the brain is still swollen thus we need time to clean the wound through which the bullet came in then sterilize the area for a safer surgery,” said Dr Mwangi.

He added that for the period that they will be cleaning up the wounds the baby will be on antibiotics and anti-seizure drugs.

Dr Mwangi said he will be working with a team of twelve specialists in the neurosurgical unit and will plan systematically before carrying out the risky operation.

“The bullet is lodged on his right side of the brain that controls vision and as a unit we will assess the CT Scans and establish the best way to remove it without damaging the boy’s brain or vision,” he added.

The Cabinet Secretary for Health James Macharia who also received baby Osinya said the government is committed to ensure the boy receives treatment first before discussing the payment issue.

He expressed his confidence in the National Hospital’s neurosurgical team saying he was confident the procedure will be successful.

Baby Osinya’s survival is a story beyond words. When the gunmen entered the church in Likoni and started firing, his mother tried to protect him, but the bullet that killed his mother exited and hit him in the head.

Police on Monday arrested 59 suspects of the gun attack as operation to flush out more suspects goes on at the coast.