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Team mafisi baby can’t have enough of Vera Sidika’s bum

A picture of a baby in a pram ogling socialite Vera Sidika’s derrière has excited social media.

In the picture, Vera is captured holding a snake while on holiday at Los Angeles California at the Hollywood Walk of Fame wearing a Mini Body Con dress.

When with the socialite cuddling the reptile, what appears to have caught the baby’s attention is Vera’s voluptuous behind.

Doing touristic stuff

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Here are some of the reactions on social media.

“Huyo mtoto alivyoshangaaa hajawahi ona churaa mkubwa hivyo…..Nimechekaaa kwa sauti na wewe umeumbika sanaaa Kha!” said victoriadavid77.

kwinkimbeee wrote “See that baby’s face looking at you.”

lucienjery said “Hahaha, check out the baby’s face, hilarious.”

viobinge reflected “Aki the baby is shocked”

Momanyisamuel commented “The kid & the dad though”

Famonzo1 reflected “That little boy is definitely thinking out of the box right now. Lol”

Emmanjuno said “The kid is in shock. Not because of the snake but the butte”

Davidsjanga wrote “That child will never be the same.”

Emanuelzimwara said “The kid’s not blind…lol.”