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Avoid Carni at lunch and choose only meat

The last time I was at Carnivore, I was accused of being biased. Carnivore is a place for carnivores, I was told. Don’t go there and expect their vegetables to be good, they said.

The last time I went there, I had a pizza, which was not very good and so my review was rather scathing.

I decided to give the carnivore in me a chance to let loose, and so back I went to Carnivore. The place is very clean, which is good for business, especially when you’re dealing with meat and blood.

Good burger

We sat in a corner booth and as I was ragingly hungry, I over ordered – three courses and still planning for dessert.

It took us a while to decide what we wanted and at some point the waitress just started to ignore us. It took us about half an hour to decide, so I can see why, though not really.

I decided to have onion rings for a starter. The ones that came were far too black to be onions; they were just burnt rings. I tried five though, because I was so hungry… The starters average at about Sh500.

For the main course, I chose the full tamburger (about Sh1,300) instead of a regular one.

The difference between the two is that one has bacon, mushrooms and cheese that are going straight to your hips, but are mostly worth it.

The waitress didn’t know what was in the normal tamburger, which worried me, especially after she asked me in Swahili to wait as she went to inquire.

Why vernacular?

Am I the only one this bothers? In a professional setting, I do not think vernacular should be spoken, unless you are completely sure that the customer understands what you are saying.

The only time you can be sure, of course, is if you are related, and it is still completely unprofessional.

The burger came and it was huge and delicious. The meat was very well done (not a trace of pink, which is exactly how I like it, though no one really gave me an option).

My companion tried to order a steak, but apparently, if you come in for lunch at the Carnivore, you cannot order a steak because the meat has not been brought in yet, so he content himself with chicken-in-a-basket.

For dessert, I chose tiramisu which I did not enjoy at all; whatever they used to make the tiramisu was off and it curdled in my stomach, giving me a Sh450-worth tummy ache after. We complained to the waitress, however, who kindly left it off or bill.

All in all, go to Carnivore for the meat, and nothing else, and not at lunchtime. I will definitely go back for that burger.