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Atheists party didn’t go as planned

The much publicised event of the month by the Atheist Society in Kenya took place at Sky Lounge along Koinange street on Saturday after Gravity Club refused to host them.

The Atheist Society had apologised to Gravity Lounge club for using their name without prior notice saying: “We offer a public apologize for any negative publicity to Gravity Lounge following an ad that was designed to publicize the AIK Party.”

Kenyans did not take it lightly after a poster which said that God did not exist started making rounds on social media.

Without God!” read the poster announcing the party for all atheists in Kenya to meet in public for the first time.

The free-entry gig had been organised by the newly registered and then again suspended society after Attorney General Githu Muigai bowed to pressure from religious leaders and ordered for the immediate suspension of the registration of Atheists Society of Kenya.

In a statement on Saturday, the Attorney General said the legality of the registration of the Atheist Society will be determined by the Supreme Court.

But in a swift rejoinder, the Atheists Society said they had not been served with the notice by Mr Muigai.

“We have not received any formal commutation from the Attorney General regarding suspension of our registration” said the President of Atheists in Kenya Harrison Mumia in a statement.