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To arm or not to arm security guards? KOT have their say

Kenyans on Twitter now want security guards to be allowed to carry firearms after the terror attack at Dusit D2 Hotel.

The attack started at around 3pm where a loud bang sound was heard before gunshots were fired.

Police responded immediately and started engaging the assailants who had embarked on a shooting spree inside the complex.

The siege lasted more than 18 hours before Kenyan security forces neutralized all the suspected terrorists.

It left more than a dozen dead with hundreds injured.

The incident has ignited an online debate on whether or not security guards should also be armed.


Eric Muita tweeted, “Uganda Security guards have firearms. But if we were to give our own they should undergo fresh thorough training.”

Deborah Kwanga said, “As long as they are trained on when and how to use them. They should also learn self-defence in case an attacker tries to take the guns away from them.”

Wanangwe Wa Muchika concurred by saying, “My sentiments exactly, all countries around us have armed their guards.”

Edward Misango commented, “Time is overdue for private Kenyan security firms to carry firearms!”

Jeff mike said, “Yes. They bear the greatest brunt in times of attack. Imagine looking straight into the barrel of a machine gun and all u have is a rungu.”

Mtu Mrefu Tall wrote, “Our guards can as well have white handkerchiefs to welcome everyone if not weapons.”

The Duchess wrote, “Private security firms in Kenya should have thoroughly trained armed guards. A complex like 14 Riverside should be well secured in this day and age. We can’t rely on frisking only.”