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Aoko blasts ‘old’ women who hate on social media

Gender activist Maverick Aoko suggests most of the older women you see dishing out relationship advice and hating others on social media are ‘rejects’.

Aoko, known for her stinging assessment of relationships on her social media page hit out at fellow women whom she accuses of now ‘cursing men they rejected while in their 20s’.

She added that most women end up single in their 30s and 40s for rejecting ‘broke’ men earlier in their lives.

And as a way of making up for their frustrations, Aoko now says the women specialize in attacking, abusing, cursing, trolling the same men they rejected, some of whom lead successful lives.

”Behind these late 30s and 40s women cursing men, buying dogs, hooked on wine and tweeting about Patriarchy is a mountain of men they broke, rejected, ignored, and played while they were in their 20s and early 30s. Reality bites hard,” she wrote.

Her thoughts have elicited mixed reactions on social media, with a section of Twitter users bearing male names cheering her on.

“Tell them and warn them too, they litter our social media with advice and hate,” one user commented.

“This makes sense, you can add the motivational speakers to that list. Then we have those that will consistently say men are dogs and yet they lost the opportunity to get married through hard work and poor decision-making choices,” another added.

But other Kenyans on Twitter appeared to disagree.

“We have standards. We will not get married to anyone because time is passing by,” a lady warned.