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Anti-gay crusader Ezekiel Mutua to surrender diplomatic passport

The Immigration Department on Thursday stated that moral policeman Ezekiel Mutua does not qualify for a diplomatic passport and should surrender it to the state.

The Kenya Film and Classification Board chief executive had taken to Facebook to brag about acquiring the document despite his anti-gay stance.

A screenshot of the gloating.
A screenshot of the gloating.

Mr Mutua on Thursday travelled to San Fransico in California for a global conference.

The Immigration Department Director Gordon Kihalangwa was scheduled to address the circumstances under which Mutua was issued with the diplomatic passport.

The director holds a weekly live chat on Twitter where he addresses all enquiries with the help of the handlers of the department’s official Twitter account.

The department tweeted that Mr Kihalangwa had delayed in addressing Mutua’s matter because he had been called to an urgent meeting.

The department added that Mr Mutua did not qualify for the diplomatic passport and was expected to surrender it.

The Department later issued the full statement explaining that Mr Mutua was issued with the diplomatic passport in February 2013 while working in the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs as was supposed to surrender it upon leaving the office.

“The current policy states that on completion of duty which qualified one to be issued with a diplomatic passport, he/she is expected to surrender it back to Immigration Department so that he reverts to the ordinary type. Since Mr Mutua does not fall in the Third schedule of persons entitled to as per the Kenya Subsidiary Legislation, 2012 he has been asked to surrender it for an ordinary one.”

Mr Mutua had on Thursday through his Facebook account shared photos taken in the flight enroute to the US.