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Anerlisa Muigai flaunts top of the range luxury car after refusing to repay Sh19m loan

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai can’t stop flaunting her wealth online even with a Sh19 million shylock scandal involving her and an ex-boyfriend still unresolved.

On Tuesday Anerlisa posted a photo of her new fuel guzzler with a caption about how God answers prayers more than people ask.

In the photo, the smiling Nero Company CEO is seen posing next to her pearl white Range Rover.


I won’t pay back: Keroche heiress speaks on Sh19m loan from city shylock – PHOTOS

Keroche heiress taken to court for unpaid Sh19m loan

This comes weeks following the revelation of a court case filed by a city shylock from who she is reported to have borrowed Sh19 million on behalf of her friend Ben Kangangi.

In the court documents, the shylock, Dennis Mombo Mwangeka, had accused Anerlisa of giving him bouncing cheques and refusing to pick up his calls.

In her response, Anerlisa however acknowledged borrowing the money on Ben’s behalf and stated that it is Ben who should pay back.

She also disowned Ben who had been mentioned as being her boyfriend back in 2015 during the transaction.

Anerlisa has in the last few weeks deleted the photos of her boyfriend, Don, whom she introduced to the world after a bitter break up with Stephen Kungu.