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American ‘train tout’ blasts Kenyans for their tardiness – VIDEO

After wowing Kenyans with a viral video of him shouting mbao mbao! at a train station in Oregon, United States, Justin Bradford has come out to blast Kenyans for their tardiness.

In a YouTube video, Bradford wondered why Kenyans are just incapable of arriving for appointments on time.

He is fluent Swahili and once lived in Kayole.

Bradford defined a Kenyans consider time as a number used to solidify an event.

According to Bradford, Kenyans  plan and schedule for when something should happen, then wait for four hours before it actaully happens.

He challenged Kenyans to learn how to keep time.

Some Kenyan netizens agreed with him while others told him off.

Those who agreed

Lilian Tanui agreed saying; “aki justo ulikua unaishi na watu wanakaa aje hehehehe lakini uko na ukweli apo. Lakini usituchongoe Sana woiye ati niko tu apa…”

Pauline Mochama gave an example on how her sister took hours to get to a baby shower.

“So true. My sis was going for a baby shower that was starting at 4pm (supposedly) and she was still getting her hair braided at 6pm and had to go home n change and also buy a gift.”

Shiro gave an example of how Kenyans lie that they are on their way yet they haven’t even left the house.

“Ama they tell you “niko kwa mat” yet they’ve not even left the house so to convince you they turn up their radio/system volume and be like “hello hello hello, maze siskii niko kwa mat I’ll call u nikifika” Reeeeeeeeeally”

Others wondered why he was putting Kenyans on the spot.

Mumuli Freddie told him that, “Kenya is a polychromic culture unlike the west who are mostly monochromic. Therefore, when you come to Kenya, do as Kenyans. The same way we are told when you go to Rome act like a Roman.”

“Hahaha justo umetumulika banah,” wrote Damaris Kimani.

Yevai-Marie Musvosvi wrote; “Nikifika at least 30 mins late, that’s on time bana!!!!!!! In some situations it’s actually early.”