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All you need to know about Trump’s inauguration

It is happening today. It is happening in matter of hours. Donald Trump officially becomes the President of America. Here are a few facts about his big day.


Donald Trump will be sworn in today January 20 2017, as the 45th President of the United States of America. The inauguration will take place at 11:30am in Washington D.C., US (7:30pm Kenyan time).


The swearing in ceremony will take place on the steps in front of the United States Capitol Building. However, the actual ceremony will be held at the White House, and a number of Inaugural Balls across DC.


Trump staged a democratic political coup that shocked the world. Rising from being an underdog to beating Hillary Clinton, the clear favorite. Of course, Barack Obama is retiring.


The swearing in ceremony will be presided over by Roy Blunt, the Republican Senator from Missouri. He is also the chairman of Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Activities. Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court will administer the oath.

Those who will attend

Republican Law makers.

Democratic Law makers with the exception of a sizeable number who have decided to boycott the ceremony.

World political leaders.

Six religious leaders, including a rabbi, an assortment protestant preachers and a cardinal will each get 60-90 minutes to say a word of prayer.

Caitlyn Jenner will be there.

Former Presidents such as George Bush and Bill Clinton will be there with their wives. That means Hillary Clinton will be there too. As will Obama and Michelle.

Obama will not sleep in the White House by the end of the day as Trump is expected by law to attend to his presidential duties the following day from the West Wing.

Those who will not attend

A host of Hollywood celebrities have decided to boycott the ceremony led by the likes of Scarlet Johansson, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Cher and Michael Moore. Kanye West will also not be appearing at the ceremony despite meeting Trump after his win.

Those who will perform

Trump has had a hard time convincing entertainers to grace his ceremony. Most of his attempts were rejected by singers and other performers who, like everyone else, see him as a divisive figure. However, he did manage to get a few:

  • 16 Year old Jackie Evancho – from America’s Got Talent
  • DJ Ravi Drums, solo drummer and DJ – he of the Matrix Reloaded (party scene)
  • Soul Singer Sam Moore – he played at Obama’s too
  • The Piano Guys from Utah
  • The Marmon Terbanacle Choir
  • Toby Keith, the US reigning musical jingoist

The Protestors

It is expected that over 200,000 people will gather and march in Washington DC to protest the presidency of Donald Trump. Women, civil rights movements, fringe groups and minorities are gathering right now, to express their displeasure at their new president. They will be led by celebrities and civil rights leaders.

Going by colorful names like Festival of Resistance, DeploraBall, DisruptJ20 etc, some of these groups actually plan on disrupting the event. Security agencies are on standby to deal with the situation.

This is not the first time people are protesting the election of a president, but it is the first in such large proportions.