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Netizens have their take on Alai’s attempt at facial scrubbing

Blogger Robert Alai over the weekend paraded his home scrubbing skills online to the amusement of netizens.

Alai shared a photo of his face covered in a white substance on Instagram and Twitter captioning how he made an attempt at scrubbing.

Netizens could not agree on whether the blogger’s scrub would work for him.

Alai quickly shared an after photo online flaunting his dead-skin-free face.

The blogger reignited a debate on mem’s grooming with netizens discussing the dos and donts.

@emmanuelperuz wrote, “I always knew you never deserved that Head of State Commendation award, yani ukifanya facial scrubbing natusumbua social media.”

@Alekilexx added, “Mwenye alikuchocha alikuweza kweli… hizi tabia resist bwana.”

@hillary_oduor commented, “Umama.”