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Akothee: I cannot keep my relationship private

Singer Akothee has revealed that she cannot keep any relationship she is in private.

The outspoken single mother said she would come out and make public any man she is in a relationship with even if the man wants to keep it private.

“I wish to have someone hold my hands, both in public and private. Hii mambo ya kufichwa fichwa kama ARVs sitaki. I will come out in public and introduce you, if you don’t want to introduce me 不不不不不.” Akothee said.

The mother of five further advised her fellow women not to entertain any relationship in which a man hides them, terming such men thieves.

“If a man isn’t proud of you in public,then let him not ask for your goodies in private, we don’t want thieves 元元元元元. They will steal your things,your heart, your freedom and your peace,” she posted on Instagram.

The self proclaimed president of single mothers said she would rather wait for her Mr Wrong and make him Mr Right.

“I am just here waiting for my Mr Wrong and I will drag that idiot to the right.,” she added.

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My prayer 2020 , I wish to have someone hold my hands ,both in public and private . Hii Mambo ya kufichwa fichwa Kama ARVS sitaki . I will come out in public and introduce you ,if you don't want to introduce me 不不不不不 If a man isn't proud of you in public ,then let him not ask for your goodies in private ,we don't want thieves 元元元元元 They will steal your things Your heart 元 Your freedom 元and your peace I am just here waiting for my Mr wrong ,and I will drug that idiot to the right I am tayad of sleeping alone . Finish Call DCIO If I am tayad I am tayad ,you can't bit me for speaking my heart 元元元 Responsible men are taken, & their wives are very Kali Sorry sir ,I don't want new introductions. I want my own. 不不不不不不不不不 Goodnight NO FILTER LINK ON MY BIO Roho kazi yako ,wewe piga damu, kupenda no kiherehere chako,. Ukiumia wewe kanyaga kubwa kubwa 不不 Nipeeni hats yule Hana meno , tutamenopouse pamoja 不不不

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