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Akothee advises men to be wary of sly women during Covid-19 curfew

Singer Akothee has warned single men to be wary of sly women who will take advantage of the stay at home order from the government, to fulfil their devious agendas.

She says that most single women will pretend to be the perfect partner to their men doing all the household chores only to trap then into settling down, by getting pregnant.

“Men should be very careful because s**t is about to get real. Right now I know there are women who are calculating with this corona situation to go and be a housewife material. They will be cooking, ironing and giving you so that they can prove that they are a housewife material. Before you know it they are pregnant,” said Akothee on her Instagram.

She added: “Go home madam, go to your parents, men be careful we are out to force you into settling mood, we are not very true.”

Confirmation of a coronavirus case 13 days ago in Kenya

Since the confirmation of a coronavirus case 13 days ago in Kenya, the government has been urging members of the public to minimise their daily activities, and especially social gatherings.

In fact, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe issued a directive telling Kenyans to rather stay at home and minimise the risk of contracting the virus.

And on Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta issued a dusk to dawn curfew beginning Friday where only those offering critical and essential services will be allowed to operate between 7pm and 5am.

That is why the self-proclaimed president of single mothers feels that although men can be deceiving, women are more conniving.

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