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Why radio presenter Adelle Onyango has quit Kiss 100

Kiss 100 presenter, Adelle Onyango, has announced her departure from the radio station to pursue a fresh challenge in life.

Adelle, who has been hosting the station’s breakfast show alongside Shaffie Were for the last seven years, made the announcement on her Instagram page on Friday.

“Yesterday (Saturday) I had my last breakfast show with Kiss FM. It’s been a decision that I did not come to lightly,” said Adelle.

“After seven years (at Kiss), I need a new challenge. Change is the only constant thing in life, and it is through endings that we begin a new. In leaving Kiss I have a whole lot of thoughts,” she further wrote.

The sassy presenter also thanked her fans and colleagues for their support.

“To my coworkers, my bosses. To anyone who tuned in, to TeamADELLE I say thank you! As for the future, I say CHEERS… Here’s to everyone starting a new, here’s to everyone believing, here’s to everyone evolving, here’s to everyone who wants to make a difference, here’s to the unknown, here’s to the darkness and the light, here’s to forgiveness and all that we fight, here’s to the stories that no one knows, here’s to the endings and all the foes, ” Adelle wrote

However, Adelle gave no hints where she is headed to.

Neither has her former employer commented on her departure or her possible replacement.