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Actor Dan Sonko on dating his late wife’s BFF

Mombasa-based actor Dan Kinyanjui alias Dan Sonko has spoken about moving on after the death of his wife in 2017.

Dan, who lost his wife more than two years ago after she developed complications during childbirth decided to move on, a choice that did not sit well with a section of his social media followers.

And recently, Dan and his girlfriend actress, Winfred Bwire, who was friends with Dan’s late wife Dru real name Druscillah Walowe Mngoda have been sharing their experience.

According to Bwire, she knew Dan way before he even started dating Dru but both Dan and his wife became her friends.

“I knew Dan through the acting industry and his wife (Dru) was my friend,” she said.

“I do not feel guilty because I did not plan to go for Dan. We even started dating a year after Dru’s death. We used to work together and we never kicked it off until a year after his wife’s death.”

She, however, said she did not have a romantic relationship with Dan when his wife was alive.

While speaking to NTV on Thursday, Dan said Bwire will never replace his late wife and that Dru will always be a part of his life more so because of their two sons.

“It is a relationship that ended. I still have memories of my first wife and sometimes wish she were here to see her kids grow, but I have faith because she did not choose the day to die,” he said.

Both families have supported them

Both families have supported them but according to Dan, some of his friends are still attached to Dru and have not yet accepted his decision.

As for Bwire, she says her real friends have her back and those who are against her newfound love were never her friend.

“Marafiki wangu wa karibu wananiwish well, wanaraha kuwa nimepata mtu ambaye anajielewa, wanamjua, inside out. Mtu ambaye hanisupport siwezi kusema ni rafiki yangu manake angekuwa rafiki yangu angenitakia mema,” Bwire said.

Dan noted that the most important thing is how the two relate to each.

“Aliyemchangua Bwire ni mimi, anayempenda Bwire ni nini, mtu yeyote anaweza kuwa na opinion lakini at the end of the day nikirudi nyumbani ama nikiwa na issues zozote sio hao ambao nitakuwa nao kila wakati, ni Bwire. The moment they realise that, hao wawe na roho chafu ama roho safi hizo ni roho zao” Dan said.

Dan added that he only introduced Bwire to his two sons after both of them got along and decided to take it to the next level.

“Right now wako very adaptive wanachukua kile Daddy anasema ama anafanya. Kama mimi na Bwire hatungeweza kuelewana basi bila shaka watoto hawangekuwa wameingia kwa picha. Vile mimi na Bwire tumekuwa sawa ndio tumeweza kuingiza watoto,” Dan said.

The Children and Bwire get along well and according to Dan, that is what makes him happy.

During an interview with a local radio station, Dan said if it were not for his children he would have followed Dru.

“Were it not for them, maybe I would have followed her as well. I want them to grow to the extent they won’t feel like they lack the mother’s love and would also want them to know the love their mother had for them. She was an angel for them,” she said.

While he was healing, Dan’s mother played a big role in bringing up the kids and thanked her for helping in the transition period.