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A walk on the wild side at the city’s safari park

The weather may have taken a turn for the worse these past few weeks in Nairobi but that doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors all the time. In fact, I think the chilly weather provides a better ambience for the great outdoors, as you will not have to worry about the scorching heat.

And speaking about the great outdoors… When was the last time any of you paid any attention to the presence of the Nairobi National Park?

This park also doubles as an animal orphanage for the great wildlife Kenya is famous for. Most of you have probably been to this park once or twice in your lives in the form of school trips taken in Primary school.

In recent years, the park has become a popular nightspot more than anything else, thanks to Ranger’s Restaurant, located right within the park.

Most Nairobi residents will come here for dinners and other events — and there is nothing wrong with a good meal once in a while — but I think it’s time we took time out of our busy lives and got back in tune with nature even if just for a while.

Perfect weekend plan

The Nairobi Safari Walk is a feature of the the National Park and boasts a combination of skilled and creative landscape design and unique wildlife species.

In my opinion is just the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, be it with your significant other, your group of friends, your family or even your colleagues — it’s a perfect treat for anyone.

At just Sh250 for a ticket, one can take a nice stroll through a fusion of simulated forests, wetlands and savannahs all the while taking in the lion’s greatness, the giraffe’s extravagance, the leopard’s beauty and the playfulness of the ostrich.

Watch out for the monkeys though — don’t get too close if you value your personal belongings.

Various notice boards are put up all through the walk with detailed information on the animals you will see in those locations and facts on the tree species growing there as well. It’s always good to learn something new daily.

You can do the safari walk without a guide — that option is available — but for those who would like to learn about the animals, guided tours and closing lectures are also available.

Outings like these that don’t require much effort in terms of technology (please try NOT to be on Facebook while here) give friends a chance to catch up on the week that was and life in general, allows those on dates to get to know each other much better than they would at a restaurant or movie and gives families the chance to make special memories that will last longer than memories of sitting at home not doing much.

After an hour or two in the park, you can have a spot of tea or an early dinner at the various restaurants and eateries there. If you are up for more exploring, you can go into the orphanage where you get to see the animals up-close or take the game drive deep into the park.

Trust me, you will want to see an albino zebra up-close and then cross it off your bucket list because I highly doubt you will encounter it anywhere else.