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A Tanzanian wanted a tweef with KOT. His compatriots begged him to stop

An attempt by a Tanzanian tweep to ignite a Twitter beef (tweef) between Kenyans and Tanzanians failed on Tuesday after his compatriots begged to stop.

It appears the ruthless reputation of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) is now more than appreciated.

A tweep by the name Fufanchy felt cheeky enough to start a sibling rivalry between the two neighbours, but majority of Tanzanians were not having it and told him to carry his own cross.

He had shared a picture of Tanzanian celebrity Idris Sultan, who was a Big Brother Africa contestant and compared it with Kenya’s own funnyman Njugush captioning it, Tanzanian comedian vs Kenyan comedian.

Tanzanians did not want to be whipped again and were quick to back off after warning him. Kenyans are just recovering from a tweef with South Africans.

Here is how they warned one of their own.