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A Nairobi father’s worst nightmare after daughter went missing

On the afternoon of Monday, October 19 this year, Nimrod Orina walked into Nation Centre clutching a photo of his three-year-old daughter Dorcas Mochama Ndinda.

He cut a forlorn, beaten figure. He looked disturbed, and it was obvious, from the bags forming around his eyes, that he had not slept well the night before.

Dorcas was missing, he informed the News Desk once he settled down. She had disappeared the previous day while playing with her friends at the Kwa Uwanja neighbourhood of Eastland’s Pipeline area, and he was almost going mad looking for her.


Several other children had been abducted while playing in the area in recent months, and Orina feared for the worst for his young child.

Orina wanted the Daily Nation to help in the search of his daughter.

He had spent the previous few hours searching all over Eastlands for Dorcas, made calls to relatives far and near, knocked on the counters of every police station within a few kilometres of Kwa Uwanja, but still there was no sign of his daughter.

The Daily Nation told him he needed a police Occurrence Book number to help trace the case with the authorities and, dejected but promising to come back with the OB number, Orina stepped out of Nation Centre and melted into Kimathi Street, carrying with him the only memory of his daughter that offered him both comfort and torment: a photo.

As the Nation team prepared to follow up the matter with Orina the following day, he arrived again at our offices, this time holding his little daughter’s hand and beaming with joy.



They had reunited after 48 hours of agony and desperation, and that reunion had dramatically transformed the father.

Where he had walked to our offices a sorry, distraught and weather-beaten man who seemed and sounded quite uneasy with everything around him, he now had regained the spring in his step and the eyes dazzled under the bright lights of Nation Centre.

His daughter was safely back in his life, and all of a sudden that life had become meaningful once again.

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SOURCE: Daily Nation