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Nine things Kenyan women should stop doing

Most women fail to find happiness in life for doing things that they should desist from. Here are some of the things that every ambitious women should desist from doing:

1. Apologizing all the time – The waiter poured the wine, you apologise; responsibility for your actions is important but constantly apologizing is not exactly what a woman should keep doing.

2. Saying ‘Yes’ to everyone and saying ‘No’ to yourself – You’ll meet a friend for coffee even though all you want is to go home crawl into your bed and sleep. Don’t allow your insecurities and anxieties make decisions for you.

3. Viewing food as the enemy – Women often receive the message that all their worth lies in their looks. Be cognizant of what you put into your body. It’s the only one you have but try to do away with the guilt.

4. Setting deadlines for major life events – Don’t try to meticulously plan out when you should find love or have babies or when you should have bought that dream house. Enjoy the uncertainties of life and allow yourself to be overjoyed when things fall into place at their own time.

5. Being in a relationship for the sake of it – What good comes from tying yourself to somebody who isn’t right for you, just because you want to couple up?

6. Trying to be ‘cool’ – For those of us who don’t possess the ‘cool’ gene stop trying; you better fail at being original than succeed at imitation.

7. Wearing heels everyday – We all love a gorgeous pair of pumps but embracing comfort most of the time will not only make your commute a whole more pleasant but your feet will feel a whole lot happier years to come.

8. Holding on to regret and guilt –  These are two emotions that usually serve to torture the person feeling them. Acknowledge them and move to the best of your ability.

9. Comparing your real life to someone’s virtual life – Spending a ton of time obsessing over your friends’ online life can be anxiety provoking.