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8 things that were not reported about Kikuyu Campus terror scare

1. There was another three-storey hostel, Annexe (Hall 1), within the campus from which students jumped through the windows when they saw the stampede at Kimberly hostel.

2. Students had been promised armed policemen for security to curb muggings around the campus reported late last year.

3. Students had been told to be vigilant through a memo but had never been taken through a public lecture on what to do or not to do in case of an emergency.

4. The dean of students has never addressed all the students about the incident to assure them of security. The only address done was by Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi to the students who were at Kenyatta Hospital and another by the Dean on Thursday during the riots over extra buses to ferry them to their colleague’s burial.

5. The emergency exits were under lock and key and the hostel custodian was not at the scene during the incident.

6. The students were the first responders at the scene, with staff and security guards nowhere to be found minutes after the incident.

7. Some of the students who had serious injuries had to be transported in private cars as the university’s ambulance was not at the campus clinic.

8.The rest of the hostels within the campus had their emergency exits closed and it is only after the incidence that the administration opened all exits.