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8 New buttons Facebook should have introduced before ‘dislike’

The grapevine is that Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the social media site would soon test the ‘dislike’ button, years after its ‘like’ button became a hit with users.

“We’ve finally heard you,” Zuckerberg told a public town hall meeting in Facebook’s hometown of Menlo Park, California.

However, at Nairobi News we feel Facebook ought to have considered coming up with these eight buttons before – okay may be after – the dislike.

1. Yawn

This is button long overdue. In an effort to seek relevance some people just post boring stuff that deserve one shot of a yawn or two. *Yawn*

2. I don’t care

Apparently, some of the things people write on Facebook just need an ‘I don’t care’ button without being mean. Why do you think we care to know how Jack took you out for dinner and kissed your lips softly?

3. Mind your own business

Being so inquisitive and wanting to know so much about someone or something is so annoying. Really, people should mind their own business. It’s a full time job that needs no capital. Especially when someone has died and you upload the news on Facebook without really caring if the next of kin has been alerted. Dude, MYOB!

4. TMI

When it comes to being personal, people should just set boundaries. A Too Much Information button is urgently needed to put some Facebook users at their place when they let go everything.

5. Cry baby

When you narrate how you were dumped in broad day light and it is hurting you to the core, this button will be the best to use.

6. Get a room!

Many can’t just wait for this button. Or what would you tell people who post pictures of themselves so all over each other?

7. Mtaachana tu

People ‘in love’ who keep flaunting on Facebook are making this button a near basic need. The case for the button is made by the fact that most lovers who have PDAs on social media end up in bitter break-ups and divorces. Love life should be a personal thing. Keep it as that. Period!

8. So what?

You read some of these Facebook posts and you are left wondering, so what? Like really?